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1. Electric guitar Hohner Rockwood LX 90 Stratocaster

2. Combo Park by Marshall MG 10

3. Guitar processor Zoom 505 II
Perfect set for the novices in guitar playing!
Characteristics of all things are below.

Guitar Hohner Rockwood:

The distinguishing feature of this very instrument is the old, "played and heard" wood, as you can see for yourself while listening to the instrument. Recently this guitar was repaired, electronics and potentiometers replaced, new knobs and switches installed. Shielding is made to protect from the noise.

All three single pick-ups are excellent, working both solitary or in combination, and provide a good stratocaster "glassy" sound. New fresh strings 10-52 of German production installed.

On the deck there are a few small dents, but because of the black varnishing they can be seen only if you study the guitar in details, and apparently it looks excellent.

Neck is not twisted, it tunes good.

guitar Hohner

Instrument Specifications:

Body: maple
Neck: maple
Fingerboard: rosewood
Mounting: bolt-on
Frets: 21 (as in a standard Fender Stratocaster)
Pickups: 3 singles
Bridge: stratocaster standard tremolo
Knobs: 1 volume, 2 tone
Switch: 5 positions
Country of origin: Korea
Year of manufacture: 1997

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Combo Park by Marshall MG 10:

Super 10-Watt combo for home use, excellent condition.

- Headphone plughole
- Guitar plughole
- Knob gain
- Knob toner
- Knob volume
- Boost button for the mode "Overdrive" / "Distortion"

It is an "adequate" combo.

combo Marshall MG 10 by Park

Guitar processor Zoom 505 II:

Classic and proven famous Zoom 505 processor in the "second generation". It features a fairly wide range of effects, whose sound characteristics can give odds to many analog pedals.

Very lightweight, compact and easy to use.

There is a set of effects "drive and distortion."
Sound pretty good with such sound effects as flanger, reverb, chorus, delay.

There is also a stunningly accurate tuner, which can be switched on when you step on both pedals simultaneously.

Zoom 505 II

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