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Enchanted (ballad)

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Black Label (rus)
Enchanted (rus)

Crow (rus, metallica cover)

In the Wind's Eye (rus)
Night (instrumental)
Crow (rus, cover)
Smoke on the water (cover)

Vladimir Vetukov
Daniel Kuzin
Zack Eswee
Interview 2006

Russian Heavy Metal band "METKA" Official Website
31.05.2009 We've posted a concert video "Plastic Crow". Video is presented in two versions - one with higher quality and another with average screen resolution. You can download both versions.
29.05.2009 There have been some updates of design and a number of structural changes throughout the entire site. The concept of the new design is made in the spirit of the latter "Metka" music material, part of which was provided in the form of midi-sequenced EP "Sands of Time". Soon will be added some old material from our multimedia archives. Added an interview with a group, dated 2006.

Also there are two sections that are not yet finished - "Library" and english part of our site. Nevertheless, these updates will be done as soon as possible - this will be more information a bit further. Also we have posted two videos - concert videoclip "In the Wind's Eye" and the live video of the instrumental "Night." The rest of the videos and clips will be posted in the "Library" section.

Company "Muz.Mayka" (Moscow) has provided a unique opportunity to order a T-shirt with our band logotype. Logo can be printed with different iridescent colors (gold, silver, bronze, copper, carbon and so on). See the "Merch" section.

Metka T-Shirt

In the "past gigs section" we have added rare photos of playbills of various concerts, beginning with the very first gig in "Front Club" in summer 2002.

09.12.2008 Some updates in the English version of the site. It is available to download and listen to the full mp3 versions of album songs "Death", "Worldstone", "Come out of the Shadows". They can be downloaded from the homepage of the English section. See the left column.
28.09.2008 Yesterday, at the gathering of our fanclub, after 1.5 year break "Metka" musicians met again. Although the group stopped the creative activity and gigs in 2007, the musicians continue to maintain contacts and keep good relations. Pavel Voronin closely involved in his metalcore project of "F.R.Y.", Vetrogonov Ivan has played in several bands of St. Petersburg on drums, drawing his main creative line in leading heavy-power band called "Abordaj". Sergei Bushkevich moved to a more soft pop-rock style, and Kuzin Daniel has played all the time in a famous group "St. Petersburg". The other musicians did not participate in any other projects. Nevertheless, Metka apparently continue to exist (possibly under a different name), with a new material of somehow different style. Some of the old stuff will also be heard at concerts. Still too early to speak about the certain dates, please stay tuned.

Metka heavy metal band (Russia) - 2008
16.09.2008 Attention, all the participants of our Fan Club and listeners of «Metka»!
It was decided to arrange a meeting by our fans group. The meeting will be held September 27 at metro station Primorskaya, gathering at 17:30, waiting for half an hour, and then move to the most suitable place for us (to be determined by vote). The meeting is scheduled to sell the remaining merchandise:

The pics of merch can be found in a new site section "Merchandise".
So, here what stuff is avaliable:

- Women's topics with skull & bones logo (on Coinchaser theme)
- Stripes with two skull & bones logos.
- At least 5 black bandanas.
- Single CD "Plastic Crow".
- Album CD "Stupivshi za Gran" (rus)
- Album CD "Stepping through the mirror" (english version)
- Several mediators with gold or silver logo on both sides.
- At least 1 cap with skull & bones logo.

And just for free:
- Calendars
- Posters
- 4 types of fan-club cards
- Small stickers with the logo of the group

03.06.2008 We have uploaded the photosession "Sands of Time", total 21 pics. You can view this album (including a large photo variant) in "Photo" section of our site. Photographer - Ruslan Shamukov. Filmed in summer 2006 near Sestroretsk, not so far from Saint-Petersburg.
14.03.2008 So, the last track to the compilation of "Sands of Time" called "Black & White" is finally ready. Both versions of the text, midi file and sequenced mastered mp3 file, as well as two concert video of the song from one of the last concerts at the club "Rocks" can be downloaded in media section.
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