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27.01.2008 We've added russian language version of the song "Sands of Time".
Check out "Music" section.

There is an opportunity to chip in and redeem the last available merchandise of Metka band. There are black colored women's topics with the logo of the group, posters, t-shirts, caps and some other smaller stuff. For details please see the technical section of our forum (in russian site), topic is "merchandise".

Plus to everything, there is reliable information that all 3 CD of "Metka" are being sold in the store "Havanskiy" (at the very entrance), which is just 3 minutes walk from the subway station "Primorskaya" and 5 minutes from the Arctica Club.

Especially for all good old fans, and just for all those who are interested - the last full & complete official version of the song "Plastic Crow" from our single is avaliable to download.

The track was recorded and mastered at the studio "Neva" in early summer 2005. Such metal bands as "Great Sorrow", "Stalwart", "Citadel", "Epatazh", "Antisacrum", as well as the monsters of rock as the russian-rock "Pilot," "Korol and Shut (The King and the Jester)", "Leningrad" and a group of a soccer team Zenit - "Tusks" worked on this very studio!

On the main page, just on the left, we will post all the mp3 of "Metka", free of charge, including the bonus track "Plasticine Crow". Check out for updates. Meanwhile, these tracks are avaliable: "Black Label", "Enchanted", "In the Wind's Eye", "Finally". However, they were still available to download from the very day of release of the album "Stepping Through the Mirror".

29.10.2007 Added two more songs to the "Sands of Time" EP - a ballad of the same name, and fast track, entitled "Dead Man's Chest", entirely dedicated to story trilogy "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie.
26.10.2007 From time to time we will post different media materials relating to the activities of the band. Perhaps, over some time, we will be open the general access to the "Guild Library". Nevertheless, until this is not yet done, you can download the exclusive material - video of Daniel's solo in the town of Tikhvin. Download the file size of 9 megabytes.

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