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16.10.2007 According to some technical reasons the old forum is closed. Nevertheless, there is a new version. All the details are here. Welcome, a forum is made especially for you. Welcome to write something. Well, or at least read.

Another new track "Night Rush" is added. This song had been repeatedly performed at concerts in autumn 2006 - winter 2007. Once again we remind you that for better sound quality you'd better download sequenced and mastered mp3 version of track.

Due to some technical problems with the compilation, material will be published gradually. Today we have added a bonus track from an old album called "In the wind's eye". You can compare this version with live and studio variants.

The remaining tracks will be published as soon as they are ready.


In "Discography" section we've added a new material - midi-compilation "Sands of Time", which includes 5 new songs. There is a special page designed for each track. At the present moment only 1 song is avaliable for download, named "Coinchaser", which "Metka" has performed at concerts. After some time we will put more tracks to the site, this is to be announced later.

17.07.2007 I-net project of Zack Eswee (leader of "Metka") is finally ready! This is a portal and encyclopedia of russian metal bands of St. Petersburg. In the "Bands" section there are presented more than seventy metal bands of many different sub-styles. You can find information on discography, photos, history of groups, with an attempt to mark interesting relationships among Saint-Petersburg bands, showing the rotation of musicians between various musical projects.

Along with that this portal has a news-line, billboard of upcoming and past metal concerts, interesting archival material relating to the Guild as a heavy metal concert organization, which includes rare videos. See website

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