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10.05.2006 On May 10, a new metal collection "Iron Patrol" was released by a southern russian recording company M-Audio. At this volume of Russian metal our band is presented by the song "Black Label". This is track number six here.

Track listing:

1. Hunters (Moscow) - Be Cool
2. Joker (Stavropol) - Black Jack
3. Palladium (Rostov-na-Donu) - Yastreb
4. WitchHunter (Kiev) - Silver Arrow
5. Master (Stavropol) - I would like to sign
6. Metka (St. Petersburg) - Black Label
7. Moby Dick (Tambov) - Millennium
8. Valhalla (Krasnodar) - Sacred Lie
9. Ogma (Lipetsk) - Return To Heaven
10. Melancholy (Electrostal) - Last Day
11. Odium (Stavropol) - When the whole world in flames
12. Sun Dead (Krasnodar) - Purgatory
13. Septera (Krasnodar) - Why You?
14. Poison (Stavropol) - Steam
15. Black Count (Kislovodsk) - Prayer
16. Pegasus (Krasnodar) - Who We Are
17. Ultimatum (Novorossiysk) - People on the Cross


After a series of winter and spring concerts, at the very beginning of summer - on June 3, there will be the final "Metka" gig in this season! This will be an interesting big solo concert, without warming-up groups, with two and a half musical program. We will play all album songs, english versions of songs, new songs, special numbers and cover versions, with the participation of guest musicians!
Also there will be a specially prepared competition program of "pirate & vikings" theme. Everyone is invited to participate in.

Most likely this will be the only summer concert in St Petersburg, after which "Metka" will leave on summer vacations, and work on the material for the second full-length album.


After a break there will be a new concert of ours - on March 25, 2006!

On this perfomance we will present the English version of our debut album "Stepping Throught the Mirror". We hope that our fans will have fun in comparing the Russian songs with English ones.


We found out that our famous ballad called "Enchanted" got into the pop mp3 CD collection "100 kilogramms of good hits 2006."
The CD contains songs of such famous russian pop-artists as "Glookoza", V. Meladze, "Zveri", "Bratya Grimm", "Uma Turman", as well as many mp3-tracks of other national pop-musicians. Neither the management nor the musicians of "Metka", nor the fan-club does not know how did the song come to this collection. This is still under investigation.

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