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Finally there happened the long-awaited and very important event in the history of the "Metka" band! We are ready to release our debut album!

We made a long and painstaking work - we have invested in this CD a huge ammount of efforts, resources, and, of course, out soul.
The first two copies of the album were personally handed to the monsters of russian metal scene - Valery Kipelov and Victor Smolsky. We are still waiting for a reply from V. Kipelov, but one of the greatest guitarists in the world - Victor Smolsky - has praised the work and gave a very high appreciation for the album.
Now you have the opportunity to evaluate our creation!
In St. Petersburg this CD is already available in stores "Predoo Rock", "Fenka", "Old Jolly Rocker", "Dead Fish", "Castle Rock", "Kailas", "Culture."

To the other cities disc can be send by mail, cash on delivery.
For further details on these issues see "Discography" sub-section.

More news.. Because of this event we have significantly reorganized and redesigned the entire site - almost all sections. Check out.

More news.. Also today we have formally accepted the Metka solo-guitarist - Daniel Kuzin. Welcome aboard! Speaking of our former guitarist - Sergei Tshe, we owe him deep gratitude for the assistance and support during the recording of the album, and concert activities. It is possible that you will see him again in further gigs of "Metka" as guest musician. Sergei is very busy with his project "Citadel" and because of that he can't pay enough time to both groups.


On 14th of May - this is the nearest Saturday - in a totally unexpected way we will play as a support for a 15-year anniversary of the famous thrash metal band "KOMA".

Check out the "Concerts" section.


Excellent news! Due to numerous requests from our fans!
At the beginning of June, "Metka" jumps in the studio in order to produce one of the most interesting songs - "Metallica / Thin Lizzy / Gladkov" cover called "Plastic Crow".
This song will be included in the single with the same name, release of which is planned for autumn 2005. Read the lyrics here.

We want to recall that this song is a unique idea, which some called a "cover on cover on cover". The famous Irish folk song was interpreted by "Thin Lizzy", but in a more serious and heavy way this has been done by "Metallica", and this song got the name as "Whiskey in the Jar".

"Metka" has decided to combine this hit together with a well-known Russian hit - a song from the cartoon "Plasticine Crow". The group performed this song many times at concerts, and every time it was an incredible success. Soon you will hear it in the professional audio quality!


The closest concert - April 24 (Thursday), Club "Arctica".

29.08.2005 At the last concert there was a "baptism of fire" for our new drummer Sergei Bushkevich, who came to replace Kirill Dmitriyev. So you can expect to see soon some additions to the "Band / Line-up" section! Now, with renewed vigor, we are beginning a much more active concert activity than it was in the last year. Next concert with our band as a headliner will be the festival in the Arctica Club on April 28! Check out for the details in the "Concerts" section!
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