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Many thanks to all who came to support us at the yesterday gig! We hope that the perfomance was not boring!

Our next concert will be held on March 31 at "Red club". There are rumors that the club will be closed soon, so, this is probably the only chance to see "Metka" live on the stage of this club.

News about the album:

The album is fully recorded, mixed and mastered. Now we finish work on the design of booklet. All the work was entirely done in the studio "Neva". Very soon it will be possible to buy a CD and of course listen to it!


On March 6 we will play live for the first time in this year. Check out the "Concerts" section.


Our album is on the final stage of mixing. So, you don't need to wait so long! We already have sent a "pilot" copies to a number of Russian labels in order to make a deal with one of them on the release of the album.

The album was recorded in two versions - Russian and English. In Russia, as well as the CIS countries, it will be available, most likely, only in the Russian version. English version of the album will be sent to the Western labels, and, therefore, we hope that the English version will be distributed outside of Russia.

More news.. "Metka" decided to part with the solo-guitarist Alexander Kiykov. Alexander was in a group group since its foundation in 2001, brought some interesting ideas. Unfortunately, his playing skills as a solo guitarist are still quite weak, and so because of that he simply could not participate in the recording of the album. To record a solo guitar we invited solo guitarist Sergey Tshe from the power metal band "Citadel".


On october 24, after a rather long break, we will play our 3rd concert in this year. See "Concerts" section.

08.10.2004 We just finished recording russian vocals and now are working on an English version. At the end of the month, we will work on the mixing of the entire material as well as on solving some technical moments.
"Metka" still searches for worthy candidates for the place of the drummer. We already listened to a few candidates, but please don't hesitate and contact us if you want to test your drummer skills.
21.08.2004 Welcome to our renovated website!

It was decided to publish it as soon as possible, though everyone is still waiting for the album. So, welcome!
There has been done all sorts of structural changes, some new sections have appeared and others disappeared, something was merged, etc. "Guild" section was transformed into a "Circle of Devotees". For technical reasons it is impossible to retain membership, and therefore, those who want to have an account, please register again!

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