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The same as the main (start) page. Here are all the news of the updated site or any activities of the team, fan club, the musicians and the like are published. To see news archive you can use links at the bottom of the start page.


This section is devoted to the "Metka" as a creative unit. The section provides information on the activities of the group and its history. Music and videos are presented in another section.

This section includes the following subsections:


Here you can listen to the band's songs and explore discography. This section provides detailed information on the albums - it is possible to view and download the lyrics of all album tracks.


In this section there are various photo galleries, including concert photos and official photosession pictures.


The old version of this section was closed to free access and was called "the Circle of the Devotees". But from now on all this information is available to the public. There is also a number of interesting materials.

Here you can find:


This section presents the various products with logos of the band. Some of them are out of stock, but some still can be ordered.

Fan Club

All those people who have decided to formally express their appreciation for the music of "Metka". From now fan club is opened for all the people, even from other countries.


This is a russian section of this website.

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