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Zack Eswee announcement

Hi everyone!
In the past half-year Metka is somewhat mysterious and unexplained and so all who kept an eye on our creativity certainly noticed that. That's why, as the founder of the band, I need to give some explanations and comments.

In the summer of last year we had planned studio to record a full second album, title of which sounded like "Sands of Time" or "In the wilderness of time". Musical material on a second album, though raw, has been composed and required detailed grinding. But at this stage band decided to work in a free and democratic regime, and this, as it turned out later, had a negative impact on the overall situation. Free swimming led to a lack of specificity on all the "front lines" and the musicians turned to solving there own problems in personal life.

The consequences of such a situation could be seen in crude concert activities, there was no news or fresh and well-perfomed music.

To some regret, to correct what has happened does not seem possible to me for several reasons both personal and external, and that is why the fate of the band entirely dependent on other band members.

Zack Eswee - Metka heavy metal band

Because it is senseless and even wrong to attempt to do anything without addressing the fundamental issues regarding the composition, the general discipline, activities and focusing creative vector, me together with Vladimir, have decided to suspend the activities of the band and "freeze" the group "Metka" as a musical project until better times. When and whether these times come is difficult to say. It may be worth waiting until the autumn, when concert season opens.

What will other musicians do, I have no idea. I know exactly that our new bassist - Vanya Vetrogonov now is on the drums in speed-metal formation called "Abordaj". As for me, I want to revive and periodically maintain my old project - Heavy Metal Guild, only this time as the standalone online project. The updated "Metal Guild" site will be on its old address - and starts within a week or two. It will focus on the metal scene of Saint-Petersburg.

And as a thanks to all those who went to our concerts and listen to our music, as soon as possible, I would like to put here to the site several completed midi-files of new songs, which surely would be included in tracklist of our second album. I know now its very fashionable to upload midi-files (ringtones) on cell phones, so its fun to issue some second album "prelude" in the form of ringtones! :) This is likely to be 3-4 full tracks, with the vocal melody, drums and even the guitar solo.

Stay tuned to our site and forum,
Have fun!

Zack Eswee,
10th of June, 2007

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