Музыка: Зак Эсви
Стихи: Зак Эсви

Time seems no threat
As the whole world is your own
I always kept
All the treasures down below

Through the years I've known
Every stone belonging to me
And all I have
I locked up in my treasury

But not long ago
Worrisome creatures appeared above
They live far and wide
Over my head

They are wrong and false
They've overstepped the rational bounds
Now my wish is to …
See them dead!

By my hand.

First they were lead by the greed
Precious metals were their only need

They called it mines and shafts
Murderous deeds cause retaliation acts

Landslide, landfall

Means that you have disturbed the calm
Shattered peace and quiet of the Worldstone
You've awakened it from deep sleep
But its wrath will fall onto innocent -
Implications of your deeds

Strange devices above
Made of my flesh in enormous amount

They're pumping blood out of my veins
Never forgive, always avenge

Snow-slides, floods
Are created by me…

Down and down and below
Deeper they drill, farther they go

Soon they will reach down my heart
Horror will come - war I shall start

Earthquakes, Ashfalls

Chorus II:
Means that you have ruined the walls
Harmed the base and roof of the Worldstone
You have stabbed and made it bleed
Though its real fury's unknown yet
You have sowed the anger seeds
Now growing up and the sprouts may
Come up and flourish and give the fruits of rage…

And mankind steps off the stage…

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